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Physics is Canada is the magazine of the Canadian Association of Physicists. It publishes short review articles of general interest to the Canadian Physics community, in addition to opinion pieces, letters, news items, and information related to the activities of the Association. Physics in Canada is not a scholarly journal which publishes original research.

The Editorial Board welcomes articles from readers suitable for, and understandable to, any practising or student physicist. Please note that all scientific submissions, contributed or invited, are sent out for review. The contents of this magazine, including the views expressed in the editorials, do not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Canadian Association of Physicists.


Current Issue

Vol 77, No. 1, 2021


Inclusion for Excellence: The physics community in Canada

Guest Editors

Kevin Hewitt - Dalhousie University
Anastasia Smolina - University of Toronto

Cover description

Like a prism dispersing light into its component colors, this issue is a medium for diverse members of our community to illumine their manifold perspectives.

Source: “Wednesday’s Symphony of Light and Colour”. Image provided by user MrPrism on

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